12 week Online Adolescent Dog Programme

Turn your out of control adolescent dog into your best friend

If you feel your teenage dog is out of control, you dont enjoy walks with them, they drive you crazy in the house and you just want them to be calmer and more manageable, then join our 12 week online programme.


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Welcome To TeenWoof!

Make living with your dog fun again.

We get it.

You got a dog and you were ready to have so much fun with them.

They were a little difficult as a puppy but you expected that. They would grow out of that phase.

Then they got a bit older and things got worse, not better.

Now you have an out of control, embarrassing, ill-mannered older dog and you are just not having the fun you dreamed of when you brought them into your life.

Welcome To Canine Adolescence!

You might be relieved to hear that it's really common for things to go sideways at this stage in your dog's development. Particularly after the last year where many missed out on a normal socialisation process.

The other thing you might NOT be so relieved to hear is that they might not grow out of it.

This is because they are now learning behaviour patterns for life and it is so important that they learn the right things now to save you being in this position for the rest of their life.

You might have thought about training classes but you are afraid to take them in case they embarrass you. You may also have heard that classes are not the answer for dogs like yours.

So now for the absolute Good News!

Our TeenWoof programme is a new approach to training and is exactly what you need to take back control of your life.

Why TeenWoof?

World events of the last year made it extremely difficult for owners of new puppies to go out and help their puppy get used to the world.

The adolescent development stage (up to 3 years of age) can be a challenging one in normal times, but with this added complication we are likely to see more people than ever struggling with their teenage dog.

TeenWoof has been designed to help as many people as possible in the most pain free, affordable and accessible way. It is completely online so you can practice in private until you feel ready to face the world with your new skills.

You are also surrounded by people in your position so there is no need to feel like you are having to sit alone and isolated at the back of the class.

As part of a guided programme you will finally get consistent advice without ever having to search online for answers again.

Learn how to live with your Teenage Dog AND enjoy their company.

We can't wait to help you to love your dog again.

Stop The Chaos

Learn how to stop the unwanted behaviours becoming a habit for life.

Peace and Calm

Discover ways to keep your dog entertained and calm and happy in any environment.

Enjoy Walks Again

Learn how to master the art of happy, relaxed and fun-filled walks.

Solutions for all common adolescent dog behaviour problems

Chewing furniture, stealing things, barking, lunging on the lead, not listening to you anymore, never relaxed, attention seeking.....

you will learn how to handle them all with TeenWoof

Closed for enrollment now.

To ensure you get the best from this course places are strictly limited. Apply for a place now to make sure you don't miss out.

There will be a new date later in the year

What's in the programme?

The TeenWoof programme runs for 12 weeks. Every week we give you a deeper and deeper understanding and show you how to make changes.

Extensive Video Vault in an App!

Over 100 high-quality tutorial videos relating specifically to teenage dogs like yours. You can watch as often as you need to within the app.

Weekly Group Classes

Join the weekly class live or watch later at a time that suits you. Classes are recorded so you won't ever miss them.

Action steps

Weekly challenges and activities for you to go and do to equip both you and your dog with all you the skills you need



3 months free membership included and discount rate for a further optional 9 months on completion of the programme.

Weekly Q&A Classes

Join the weekly class live or submit your questions and watch later at a time that suits you.

Private Online Community

A place to connect with others who understand the struggles you are facing.

Ready to grab your place on TeenWoof?

Places strictly limited

  • TeenWoof programme starting 12th July 2021
  • Weekly Live Classes
  • Video Vault in the TeenWoof app
  • Weekly challenges
  • Bonuses



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